Updraft Your RESULTS by 400% to 1,600% With Goldzone's LEADERSHIP System


Dear Leader:

Join us for a very special FREE 2-hour GOLDZONE Leadership Seminar where you will discover your Secret Leadership Wealth using Goldzone's Personal Leadership System.

We all have assets and opportunities that we are not recognizing. Imagine discovering a new career path? or a business opportunity for rapid growth? or sources of capital that you never knew you had?


You Will Learn How To:

  • Lead anyone, anytime, anywhere and get results!

  • Be the best leader you can be.

  • Combine Classic Leadership with the New Rules.

  • Think like an investor for Leadership ROI.

  • Get everyone to own their results.

  • Master the art of people.

  • See yourself objectively and honestly.

  • Apply the 7 different styles of Leadership.

  • Develop the 25 different types of power.

  • Lead different types of people.

  • Master the art of learning, unlearning, relearning.

  • Use a leadership roadmap that guarantees results.

  • Use Leadership to increase your income in less time, with less effort.

  • Solve your biggest Leadership challenges.

  • ...and much more!


Increase your ability to lead, inspire, motivate, express yourself, resolve unhappy relationships, grow your business and transform your results.


Your Seminar Leader:

Authentic. Knowledgeable. Inspirational. Rest assured that your Seminar Leader is fun, engaging and well worth your time...

Victoria Dior Wang, Managing Director, Singapore Leadership Centre Pte. Ltd.

Victoria is an entrepreneur, leadership educator, coach and advocate of traditional Chinese philosophy and culture.

After a successful nine-year insurance career helping individuals and entrepreneurs to protect themselves and their families, Victoria followed her passion to focus on educational and support services for leaders.

In 2010, Victoria acquired a new company, negotiated and paid $2 million for an exclusive ten-year license and system to distribute Goldzone's Advanced Leadership Curriculum within the territory of Singapore.

Goldzone's tools and knowhow integrate the best of eastern and western leadership thought into a holistic performance management system that aligns with and honors traditional asian values.

Victoria is a student of leadership, Wushu, Chinese philosophy and advocates that when combined with the latest science and international thought any leader is better able to solve their challenges and accelerate results.

Born and raised in Singapore, Victoria travels frequently to learn and adapt the best international practices to a local Singapore context.


Dates & Times

Date Day Time Event/Program Location Language Sign Up

November 2017

Nov 1Wed7pm - 9pmFREE 2-Hour GOLDZONE Leadership SeminarSingaporeEnglishRegister Now
Nov 29Wed7pm - 9pmFREE 2-Hour GOLDZONE Leadership SeminarSingaporeEnglishRegister Now
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