Updraft Your RESULTS by 400% to 1,600% With Goldzone's LEADERSHIP System

Learn Little Known Secrets to Increasing Your Personal LEADERSHIP, Influence, Wealth,
Health & Happiness

Dear Leader,

Most people have no idea what their TRUE POTENTIAL is, and have never considered that there are simple, easy to follow steps available to measure and then realize their potential in any given area.

Join us for a very special FREE 2-hour GOLDZONE Results Seminar where you will discover what your untapped potential is and how to apply Goldzone's Personal Leadership System.

There is absolutely no risk, or obligation.
No hard sell. No hidden objectives.

You will learn simple solutions to increasing your ability to lead, inspire, motivate, express yourself, resolve unhappy relationships, grow your business and transform your health.

Specially designed for Leaders and High-Performance Individuals, the free session begins with an inspiring story of a blind man who has defied all limits to fulfill his dream and live a full life.

Accelerate Your Results

You will learn how to apply the Dynamic Principles of Optimization to create the most FLOW - in any given area - and how to sustain it over the long term. We will share a 4 Step Formula to measure your current results vs the optimum possibility, how to identify and prioritize the gaps and how to take action and measure ongoing progress.

This system has been used by business leaders, executives, professionals, doctors, entrepreneurs, authors as well as students to systematically improve any area. Most people don't have a duplicable process and are only able to achieve short lived gains. This system is easy to use and sustain constant improvement over the long term.

You will be able to apply what you learn right away and see the benefits immediately.

Unleash Your Hidden Assets and Overlooked Opportunities

We all have assets and opportunities that we are not recognizing. Imagine discovering a new career path? or a business opportunity for rapid growth? or sources of capital that you never knew you had?

What hidden potential do you have that you have been overlooking?

You will learn how to transform your results in all areas of life, career and business and if you want to get on the fast-track, how GOLDZONE could help you to get there faster!

We will share how the System works, what you can expect, and what you will personally gain.

You will learn about the holistic nature of life and how to Accelerate Yourself in the 7 Most Vital Areas of Life including:

  • Relationships... (the #1 area that impacts quality of life)
  • Health... (long life, energy and vitality)
  • Wealth... (improve your relationship to money)
  • Career... (fast-track to new opportunities and advancement)
  • Self-Expression... (express yourself)
  • Business... (for the business owners)
  • Leadership... (it's all about leadership)
Don't take our word for it - talk to other GOLDZONE clients - just like you

Other clients of GOLDZONE will be attending and will be sharing what they gained and how they have benefited. This is an ideal way to make new friends and to exchange ideas and success stories.

During the Results Seminar you are free to ask questions via the microphone or if you prefer to write them on a card and have them answered anonymously.

To gain the most from the Results Seminar we recommend that you bring your colleagues, partners and friends who are interested in a quantum leap.  You will have an opportunity to consider if there are any GAPs in your current results versus the results you want – and how applying a Personal Leadership System can help you.

FREE 2-hour GOLDZONE Results Seminar Details, Dates & Times

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives, managers & professionals
  • Leaders, high-performance individuals & entrepreneurs
  • Sales leaders & teams
  • Partners & teams are encouraged to attend together

Your Investment:

  • FREE

What is Included:

  • 2-hour Results Seminar
  • Seminar materials & workbook
  • Refreshments

Dates & Times:

Date Day Time Event/Program Location Language Sign Up

June 2016

Jun 8Wed7pm - 9pmGOLDZONE Results SeminarSingaporeEnglishRegister Now
Jun 22Wed7pm - 9pmGOLDZONE Results SeminarSingaporeEnglishRegister Now
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Using a "Roadmap" Makes it Fast,
Easy and Predictable

This technology is now available to you as a system to describe what optimum looks like compared to your current situation or result. If you don't know where you are starting from, how do you know what the easiest, fastest and most efficient route is? You will learn just how important your VISION is and how to envision a reality for yourself that you have yet to experience.

Most People Focus on Success - but

You will learn how to optimize all areas – without sacrificing one area for success in other areas.

Beyond success is fulfillment, creative expression and inspired serenity (living the dream)

This FREE 2-hour Results Seminar is part of the comprehensive GOLDZONE Curriculum. Now these breakthrough technologies and systems are available via lively and entertaining seminars that are fun and memorable.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Updraft your results by 400% to 1,600%
  • Dramatically reduce your level of stress
  • Recognize your untapped potential
  • Discover how Lifeforce can be measured and its impact on your results
  • Use simple solutions to increase your ability to lead, inspire, motivate, express yourself, resolve unhappy relationships, grow your business and transform your health
  • Recognize Optima conditions and how to get into and stay in "the zone"
  • Lead difficult people
  • Apply the 8 types of capital and how to convert 7 of them into Financial Capital
  • Inspire people to take action
  • Use a four-step formula to measure your current results vs the optimum possibility and to prioritize the gaps
  • Increase your income
  • Discover how to apply a system to exponentially build your wealth
  • Recognize the value of holistic vs fragmented
  • Build on your success to fulfillment, creative expression and inspired serenity
  • Tap the power of little known secrets to increasing your Personal Power, influence and leadership
  • Use tools to identify and resolve the cause vs the symptoms of problems
  • Get more done in less time
  • Apply the seven types of people to improve the quality of your relationships
  • Recognize your key operating paradigm and those of the people your lead and interact with
  • Improve your health, increase your energy and get sick less often
  • ...and much more!
Before You Say “I have heard all this before…” 

I can assure you that this Seminar and what you will learn is totally unique (because we developed it based on what was missing and most needed by leaders.) 

You will discover new answers to old problems – guaranteed.

If you invest the time to join us at this FREE 2-hour GOLDZONE Results Seminar – I promise you will not be disappointed... in fact you will be delighted with the level of professionalism, and high standards with which we present our educational programs.

I look forward to seeing you soon...

Andrew John Harrison
CEO & Co-founder
Goldzone Leadership Center


There is absolutely no risk or obligation. The GOLDZONE Results Seminar is FREE and you are welcome to bring as many friends, family and colleagues who you feel could benefit from this information.


Authentic. Knowledgeable. Inspirational. Rest assured that your Seminar Leader is fun, engaging and well worth your time...

This is how we select Seminar Leaders...:

  1. Have proven themselves, achieved a minimum level of success and recognition.

  2. Be recognized as the best at what they do.

  3. Have mastered several of the main sustaining principles of the Goldzone Leadership.

  4. Be charismatic and powerful communicators, who can summarize and condense years of experience into a single clear message that can easily be understood.

  5. Want to teach out of service and contribution, with a strong desire for you to succeed.

  6. Be inspirational—you literally “feel” all the dimensions and senses embodied in what they teach you. You will see, feel and experientially “touch” their teaching. It is not something abstract or theoretical that someone merely talks about.


To determine who the leader of your Seminar will be, select your Seminar Location below.


Singapore Seminar Leader:


  Ong Jing Ying
Managing Director & Co-founder
Singapore Leadership Centre Pte. Ltd.

Jing Ying is an entrepreneur, leadership educator, coach and advocate of traditional Chinese philosophy and culture.

After a successful nine-year insurance career helping individuals and entrepreneurs to protect themselves and their families, Jing Ying followed her passion to focus on educational and support services for leaders.

In 2010, Jing Ying acquired a new company, negotiated and paid $2 million for an exclusive ten-year license and system to distribute Goldzone's Advanced Leadership Curriculum within the territory of Singapore.

Goldzone's tools and knowhow integrate the best of eastern and western leadership thought into a holistic performance management system that aligns with and honors traditional asian values.

Jing Ying is a student of leadership, Wushu, Chinese philosophy and advocates that when combined with the latest science and international thought any leader is better able to solve their challenges and accelerate results.

Born and raised in Singapore, Jing Ying travels frequently to learn and adapt the best international practices to a local Singapore context.

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Australia Seminar Leader:  

Australian Leadership Systems Pty. Ltd.





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New York,

Goldzone Leadership Center, LLC.
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Singapore Leadership Centre Pte. Ltd.
Level 30, Six Battery Road,
Singapore 049909

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We All Have 24 Hours per Day...

Since we all have the same number of hours per day, why is it that some people achieve 100 times more than others within the same time period? Are they 100 times smarter? NO!

You will learn exactly how to updraft your productivity and effectiveness and using the Optima Zones System, you will know which area to focus on to give you the maximum return, for the least effort...

“I would absolutely recommend the GOLDZONE Experience, it’s a must for anyone who is committed to changing their results in any area of life…!”

Maria Webb, Australia

Zone Learning™ Makes it FUN!

We are in the YouTube, MTV and Video Game generation. Today's seminars need to entertain, educate and inspire. This Seminar is delivered using the proprietary Zone Learning System™ that involves all the senses in the learning experience... you will learn more in less time and wont forget it!


“I would definitely recommend the GOLDZONE Experience, it’s a key to the door of your heart, for you to discover your deeper self, understanding our own behaviors, actions, feelings, emotions, deep rooted beliefs, and how these affect us and show up in the different parts of our lives…”

Wayne Goh, Singapore

What is Personal Leadership?

Personal leadership is about the individual taking responsibility for a problem, and the solution.

Like any skill – this can be learned by anyone, however, most people avoid responsibility and this is one of the biggest blocks to leadership.

This Seminar will introduce you to the keys and the benefits of leadership acceleration...


“The GOLDZONE Experience is the most life-changing experience I have ever been to…”

Greg Hateley, Australia

Everyone a Leader!

Empowering individuals in the organization means to share the power with them. Shared power adds up to more power – not less. It means everyone has an increased ability to get more done and to make things happen. This can make a dramatic difference to the bottom line results of the organization. To do this means making everyone a leader.

An organization comprised of leaders adds up to a leading organization.

“Extraordinary!  I feel that the GOLDZONE Experience was so up close and personal.  I could feel the amount of effort that was put in and the sincerity and presence of your team.  The Goldzone team helped me to understand your technology and supported me in bridging the GAP from my where I am now to where I want to be.  It was just awesome!  If you want a life transforming experience, go for the GOLDZONE Experience!”

Ong Jing Ying, Singapore

“I would recommend the GOLDZONE Experience, its better for the soul than anything I have done in the last ten years…!”

Cheryl Leckstrom, Australia


“The GOLDZONE Experience is a special, unique, pleasant, inspired, enlightening, fresh, personal program on human behavior that really helps to understand yourself, to accept what are you now and how to improve yourself in order to live fully inspired in this lifetime.  The Experience was well organized with full video animation, music, pictures, plants & flowers, and a waterfall environment with a small manageable group.”

William Liew, Singapore


“The GOLDZONE Experience had a deep impact on me and had my full attention throughout all 3-days with fantastic presenters, high levels of energy, and great visual/audio support.  I could listen to them all day and night!  It is a necessary program for anyone who would like to reach their full potential in life, relationships and the business. 

The technology is fantastic for assisting you to learn faster and more effectively. 

You will never be the some person after the Experience and you will be able to observe the changes in yourself and others in a very positive way.  Things will start unfolding for you when you apply and understand the strategies you have been taught.”

Bozena Slominski, Australia

Our World is Changing!

We are living through one of the most profound periods of transformation in recent human history. Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The way we live, the way we work and the way we do business are changing dramatically.

No longer is it an option to maintain our position by doing today, what we did yesterday. We are no longer competing with the professional or the firm down the road, but rather the highly skilled, more motivated, and lower cost individual or firm on the other side of the planet.

In order to do well in the future, we must begin to think more like leaders than managers, more like entrepreneurs than employees, take responsibility for our quality of life, upgrade our skills and become more aware of the value we add to our teams, our projects, and our organizations.

This Seminar will give you the keys to succeed today and into the future.